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Moneypot is a versatile cryptocurrency web wallet that connects you to multiple applications including casinos. It currently supports Bitcoin, but will soon support popular altcoins. More features and services are on their way so that Moneypot will eventually become your one stop crypto spot.

We are a dedicated team consistently devoting our time and resources to Moneypot with real ties to our names. We are no strangers to the gambling scene or the cryptocurrency scene. We are a registered corporation in Canada with available contact to address any concerns you might have.

Moneypot is owned by 3 Entrepreneurs who are passionate about bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and this company. We are incorporated in Canada as Moneypot Inc.

The first thing you should do is set an e-mail address. This will allow you to recover your account in case of a forgotten password. The next step is to enable 2 Factor Authentication using the Google Authenticator program. For even further security, be able to sign an address you use to deposits and/or communicate with Moneypot staff to coordinate preferred additional settings.

Bitcoin is a decentralized commodity. It is the first and main cryptocurrency. For more information, please visit https://bitcoin.org/en/faq

Bits are Moneypot's main unit of measure for Bitcoin. It is one millionth of a bitcoin. 1 Bitcoin = 1,000,000 (1 Million) bits 1 Bit = 1/1,000,000th of a Bitcoin

Deposits are credited after 1 Confirmation. We do not charge a fee for deposits. Withdrawals are processed and sent from our hot wallet. We charge a 300 bit fee to cover miner fees regardless of the actual fees we end up paying on your behalf. In the long run, it should work out to average the same. Transfers to other Moneypot users are absolutely FREE and instantaneous!

Our rolls are determined by hash = sha256(server seed + "|" + salt) . You can set or change the client seed to alter the calculation so that you are able to prove that your rolls are provably fair. An easy third party verifier can be found here (https://dicesites.com/betterbets/verifier)

We love White Hats and pen testers. Feel free to test out our site and contact us at [email protected] for bug bounty payouts.

The house edge is calculated directly into the bet and can differ from each app. If a house edge is 1%, the bettor will stand to lose an average of 1% of total volume wagered over the long run. You can find house edge as well as expected value information in the /bets/betid# section.

The maximum bet is calculated by the max profit based on the house bankroll. It is currently set to be no more than 0.5% of the house bankroll.

We accept +EV bets with a house edge above 0.49% with a maximum win of 0.5% of the house bankroll at that time. Bets that do not meet these terms will be denied by our API. This is subject to change.

Moneypot charges 10% commission on the house of all wagered bets. Furthermore to this, all apps are paid a commission of up to 40% of the house edge. So this means if someone bets 1 BTC with a house edge of 1%, from the investors perspective it is much more similar to a 0.5% house edge bet. This is subject to change.

After commission is taken, investors stand to have an approximate average of 0.5% house edge over the bets being made long term. The profit is then divided proportionately to the % share of the house bankroll you own. A rough example: 10,000 Bitcoin is wagered and you hold 10% of the bankroll during this period. Barring variance and volatility, you would stand to hypothetically make 10,000 * 0.005 * 0.10 = 5 Bitcoin in this scenario under current conditions.

Investments are broken up and held in different cold storage wallets with multi-sig setups. In some instances, Trezor and KeepKey hardware wallets held in professionally secured establishments are used. Funds are only moved from these cold storage wallets after live video verification with the other signing parties.

Yes, absolutely. The only instance where this may not apply is if your account is under investigation for breaking our terms and conditions and/or winning an abnormal amount exceeding 25 bitcoin in a short period of time.

Yes, you may! As long as you are follow our terms and conditions, we have no problems with multiple accounts.

We store the last 100 Million Bets. You can look up any of the last 100M bets by going to www.moneypot.com/bets/1000000000 but changing the last number to the bet you wish to look up.

The hot wallet is constantly monitored and kept at a small but reasonable balance to allow users to withdraw at ease. For large withdrawals, a withdrawal may get stuck pending, in which case a Moneypot staff member will reload the hot wallet as soon as they see it to process your withdrawal. It is monitored to restrict loss from potential security vulnerabilities.

The site's free faucet has been disabled. If you wish to try out the site first before depositing, kindly ask the app owner in chat and they should be happy to assist you.

Your username and betting stats are currently the only things public. If you are uncomfortable with these being public, it is highly suggested that you pick a username that has no ties to your in real life indentity. The rest of your information is kept private and only seen by Moneypot staff.

The first and best source of information can be found at https://blog.moneypot.com . Be sure to follow and benefit from giveaways and promotions.

We are always looking for talented individuals in the coding, graphics, and security department. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

The best method of contact is through our official discord channel available at www.MoneypotSupport.com/Discord . Alternatively, you can catch our Live Support on www.MoneypotSupport.com Mondays-Thursdays 9:30AM EST - 5:30 PM EST and other times sparingly. You can also send us an email at our official e-mail address [email protected] Please note that we will never ask for your password or 2FA keys.

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For Users

What is MoneyPot?

MoneyPot is a bitcoin web wallet that lets you manage your funds across many MoneyPot casinos. Or maybe you just want to use MoneyPot as nothing more than a web wallet. That's cool, too.

Why use MoneyPot?

Why should we trust you?

What does it mean to deposit money into an app? What is my app balance?

To keep applications firewalled from your Moneypot wallet, Moneypot requires you to "deposit" bitcoin into an app before you can use/spend it at that app. If you have 1,000 bits deposited in an app, then the app only has access to those 1,000 bits. When you're done with an app, simply withdraw the app balance back into your Moneypot wallet. Alternatively, you can simply disable an app which will prevent that app from accessing the funds you're deposited in it. You can always re-enable the app in the future.

You only want to deposit money into apps that you trust. However, even if you trust an app's owners, you still want to minimize the amount of money you have deposited into apps. Imagine if an attacker breaches an app's database or finds an exploit that gives them access to your balance at that app. Or imagine if the app owner left their app's database password on a post-it-note near their computer and their roommate gained access to their server. Moneypot has no control over these scenarios, but you have control over the amount of bitcoin you risk at an app.

The point is that you need to remain vigilant about limiting the amount of risk you expose your money to. Since apps are created and managed by users, Moneypot cannot guarantee that apps are written securely. In other words, Moneypot does not know if an app has any security holes or not that, for example, would allow an attacker to spend your balance with that app. Moneypot does not know if an app owner has their database password sitting out on their desk.

Understanding these risks is crucial.

What does "Domain Not Verified" mean for an app?

When someone makes a Moneypot app, it starts off "unverified". This is because anyone can create an app and then give it the name of an existing, genuine casino. This malicious owner can then try to convince other users to deposit money into their imposter casino, deceiving others into thinking that they are depositing money into the genuine, trusted casino with the same name.

To prevent this sort of abuse, we verify the ownership and authenticity of genuine casinos. All this means is that we have ensured that a casino is not an imposter of another casino with the same name and that you can be sure that this app named "Better Bets" (for example) is the app that you think it is.

Apps have a red "Domain Not Verified" warning displayed next to their name until they are verified. Manage your trust accordingly.

Note: when we verify a casino, it does not mean that we personally vouch for the casino. It does not mean that the casino will not be malicious down the road.


Read regarding deposits and cold addresses here. https://www.moneypot.com/cold

For Investors

What is the investment option?

MoneyPot gives you the option to invest, however it's not an equity investment but rather a bankroll one. You invest and own a % of the bankroll, which allows gamblers to bet against it. If they win, the bankroll get smaller, if they lose, the bankroll increases, but your stake remains the same. You may invest or divest at anytime, there's no minimium investing time.

How risky is this?

Extremely. You are risking your entire investment amount, and you should never invest more than you would be ok with losing. Furthermore, your risks are compounded by counter-party risks. You have no way of knowing we won't steal all your money (even though we promise not to), or that there isn't an abusable weakness that would allow an attacker to unnoticed drain the bankroll. There are a lot of nighmare possibilities, invest accordingly

What bets do you accept against the bankroll?

We only accept +EV bets. Currently, the max win is set to 20 Bitcoin.

What commissions do you charge?

MoneyPot charges 20% commission on the house edge of all wagered bets. Furthermore to this, all apps are paid a commission of up to 50% of the house edge. So this means if someone bets 1 BTC with a house edge of 1%, from the investors perspective it is much more similiar to a 0.3% house edge bet, as the investors give the app half the house edge (in this case 0.005 BTC) in comission and 20% of the house edge to Moneypot.

Can I risk more or less?

You currently can not risk more. You can however risk less by investing less. Newer options will be available in the new release.

Where are the investment funds held?

We use a multi-sig wallet for handling the majority of funds held in cold storage. For more information please see https://www.moneypot.com/proof-of-assets.txt

For App Developers

What does MoneyPot offer?

We offer app developers quite a lot, so you can focus building a great app. Our service handles:

How much do you charge?

MoneyPot is 100% free, both for users and app developers. Not only this, but we'll pay you! App developers get paid 50% of the house edge on all bets against our bankroll, assuming that does not push investors over our bet acceptance terms.


Our current official support email is [email protected]

Moneypot has support available full-time weekdays from 2:30PM GMT - 10:30PM GMT at https://www.moneypotsupport.com