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MoneyPot is a cryptocurrency web wallet that lets you manage your bitcoin, litecoin, dash, and other coins across many MoneyPot apps, services, and casinos.
MoneyPot is a quick and simple web wallet allowing you to manage several different cryptocurrencies. Without the need of several downloaded wallets, you can access and use your coins all in one place. MoneyPot also gives you the ability to instantly move your coins between MoneyPot apps and other users for free.
MoneyPot is currently made up of an experienced and professional team from Monster Byte Inc. and a few of the previous MoneyPot Inc. team. MoneyPot becomes the newest member under the umbrella of Monster Byte which includes a leading Bitcoin sportsbook and the pioneer bitcoin casino site
The first thing you should do is set an email address. This will allow you to recover your account in case of a forgotten password. The next step is to enable 2-Factor Authentication using the Google Authenticator program. For even further security, be able to sign an address you use to deposit and/or communicate with MoneyPot staff to coordinate preferred additional settings.
Unless maintenance is currently under way, the site should be up 24/7 with access to all apps and services. Support staff is available from 9AM - 6PM EST on Weekdays. The official contact point is [email protected] Please note that Support should never ask you for your password or 2FA code.
Yes. It is very important that you read the terms and make sure that you are legally able to gamble on this platform. For example, In most countries, the legal gambling age is 18. Please check the User agreement for all information.
A Bit are one-millionth of a Bitcoin or 100 Satoshis. Bits in other coins work in the same way, as one-millionth of the a whole coin.
Deposits are credited after one confirmation. We do not charge a fee for deposits. The minimum withdrawal is 1000 bits(litebits/dashbits). Withdrawals are processed and sent from our hot wallet. We charge a 500 bit fee to cover miner fees, regardless of the actual fees we end up paying on your behalf. In the long run, it should work out to average the same. Transfers to other MoneyPot users are absolutely FREE and instantaneous!
Yes, you may! As long as you are following our terms and conditions, we have no problems with multiple accounts. For promotions that may be given by specific apps and/or MP itself, do note that there may be rules set that bar you from partaking with more than one account at a time. However, when it comes to playing itself, multi-accounting is perfectly fine.
Absolutely. The only instance where this may not apply is if your account is under investigation for breaking our terms and conditions and/or winning an abnormal amount, exceeding 5 bitcoins in a short period of time.
The hot wallet is constantly monitored and kept at a small but reasonable balance to allow users to withdraw at ease. For large withdrawals, a withdrawal may get stuck pending, in which case a MoneyPot staff member will reload the hot wallet as soon as they see it to process your withdrawal. It is monitored to restrict loss from potential security vulnerabilities.
MoneyPot strives to protect your information. Please see our Privacy policy for more details.
Yes. You should inform yourself on all possible scenarios. Please see the User Agreement for more details.
The house edge is calculated directly into the bet and can differ from each app. If a house edge is 1%, the bettor will stand to lose an average of 1% of total volume wagered over the long run. You can find house edge, as well as expected value information, in the section.
MoneyPot users can act as the 'house', meaning that you will own a % of the bankroll, which allows gamblers to bet against it. If they win, the bankroll gets smaller. If they lose, the bankroll increases, but your stake remains the same.
The pros are that you stand to profit from a positive house edge and win cryptocurrency as the 'house'. The cons are you are risking your entire investment amount, and you should never invest more than you would be ok with losing. Furthermore, your risks are compounded by counter-party risks. You have no way of knowing we won't steal all your money (even though we promise not to), or that there isn't an abusable weakness that would allow an attacker to unnoticed drain the bankroll. There are a lot of nightmare possibilities, contribute and invest accordingly.
MoneyPot charges a fixed 20% commission on the house edge of all wagered bets. Furthermore to this, all apps are paid a commission of up to 40% of the house edge. In theory, the house bankroll receives a positive edge of 40% of the house edge on all bets over the long term.
The house bankroll funds will sit in a multi-sig wallet held in cold storage and managed by the Monster Byte team. The address is auditable and can be verified to show proof of reserves.
Absolutely. Please contact us at [email protected] to start a conversation on how we can assist you.
We’re always looking for new partners. If you are part of an altcoin you’d like to see supported, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] with more information. Do note that we’re very selective in which ones we choose to support, but are always open to the next big thing!
We love whitehats and pen testers. Feel free to test out our site and contact us at [email protected] for bug bounty payouts.
Can I write a custom script? Absolutely! In fact, we condone it. Most of our apps have their own bots, some with more features than others. Along with this, there are also things like the DiceBot, by Seuntjie. If you want to build a new script for betting, by all means, go for it!