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Bet #67154955
User Botro
App BTC Games 4U
Kind Simple_dice
Coin BTC
Wager 1,600.00 bits
User Profit -1,600.00 bits
Investor Profit 1,598.0000000447 bits
App Profit 1.9999999553 bits
MoneyPot Profit 0.0000000000 bits
House Edge 0.50%
Total Expected Value -799.99998212 bits
Provably Fair
Client Seed 3394962611
Server Secret d60363c48258e8edccef9efb71a1283e066a87cab5129873b0f6b29a72917e8a
Server Salt 5d13bb9c16746a8f3b11dea3cd78d36aba42c6417deb9935d2137f61f7e72a25
Server Hash 6801484eb41d2f37dfa0913c6adf4fec777002e0e018e3885ec712764b7f6b19
Raw Outcome 2276321583
Method SHA-256
From To Value Probability Expected Value
0 2136746230 3,200.00 bits 49.7500% 1,592.00000018
Provably Fair Outcome

MoneyPot uses a Provably Fair algorithm that calculates raw outcomes from generated SHA-256 hashes. The Bet Hash is generated from the resulting hash of two unique hashes, the Server Seed and the Server Salt. The Server Seed and the Server Salt are both unique 64 character strings.

The Raw Outcome is based on a combination of the Server Seed and the Client Seed. After both are hashed together with SHA-256, we trim the resulting hash of the two to the first eight characters and then converted to an integer using Base16.

$outcome = intval(substr(hash('sha256', $serverSeed . $clientSeed), 0, 8), 16);

Javascript (cryptocoinjs / sha256)

var output = Number.parseInt(sha256(serverSeed + clientSeed).slice(0, 8), 16);