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Bet #66490415
User czajalwa
App DiceBot
Kind Custom
Coin BTC
Wager 4.23 bits
User Profit -4.23 bits
Investor Profit 4.2204835488 bits
App Profit 0.0095164512 bits
MoneyPot Profit 0.0000000000 bits
House Edge 0.90%
Total Expected Value -3.80658048 bits
Provably Fair
Client Seed 751725740
Server Secret 0e1fd3bb55a6720808d951b511ca5b360bb3c28eeb8527f44da2eb9b082e912c
Server Salt bc163ee473de8516b124ebea48627ca767f1903eb847fbec6f94392c820022ad
Server Hash 8afdfeb200ad370d65272ee6d79762c8cf1b4460aa1b28f786fc25a41c3d177d
Raw Outcome 2143051438
Method SHA-256
From To Value Probability Expected Value
0 170252674 105.75 bits 3.9640% 4.19193420
Provably Fair Outcome

MoneyPot uses a Provably Fair algorithm that calculates raw outcomes from generated SHA-256 hashes. The Bet Hash is generated from the resulting hash of two unique hashes, the Server Seed and the Server Salt. The Server Seed and the Server Salt are both unique 64 character strings.

The Raw Outcome is based on a combination of the Server Seed and the Client Seed. After both are hashed together with SHA-256, we trim the resulting hash of the two to the first eight characters and then converted to an integer using Base16.

$outcome = intval(substr(hash('sha256', $serverSeed . $clientSeed), 0, 8), 16);

Javascript (cryptocoinjs / sha256)

var output = Number.parseInt(sha256(serverSeed + clientSeed).slice(0, 8), 16);