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Bet #66073138
User Blaksmith
App Bit-Exo
Kind Custom
Coin LTC
Wager 0.01 litebits
User Profit -0.01 litebits
Investor Profit 0.0093749944 litebits
App Profit 0.0006250056 litebits
MoneyPot Profit 0.0000000000 litebits
House Edge 25.00%
Total Expected Value -0.25000225 litebits
Provably Fair
Client Seed 2214416536
Server Secret f21deaa45048ebe4650d52f0617bc107851b3c39bbfc295116dd4ee57561b9ec
Server Salt 387c965ee31b463502230f432c4fb2c7b95be1a2b07fee617a9eff3ace84c6d1
Server Hash 5804c6473b81b2ba1938efdf33c4f0660dfc7b3665c52376c20600c84b871fbb
Raw Outcome 695265535
Method SHA-256
From To Value Probability Expected Value
3221228693 4294967295 0.04 litebits 24.9999% 0.00989997
Provably Fair Outcome

MoneyPot uses a Provably Fair algorithm that calculates raw outcomes from generated SHA-256 hashes. The Bet Hash is generated from the resulting hash of two unique hashes, the Server Seed and the Server Salt. The Server Seed and the Server Salt are both unique 64 character strings.

The Raw Outcome is based on a combination of the Server Seed and the Client Seed. After both are hashed together with SHA-256, we trim the resulting hash of the two to the first eight characters and then converted to an integer using Base16.

$outcome = intval(substr(hash('sha256', $serverSeed . $clientSeed), 0, 8), 16);

Javascript (cryptocoinjs / sha256)

var output = Number.parseInt(sha256(serverSeed + clientSeed).slice(0, 8), 16);