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No Downloads

Never worry about malicious file downloads or viruses. We take care of the wallets for you.

No Hard Commands

The most user friendly Web Wallet. Spend, use, or move your Crypto with ease.

No Syncing

Don't use up all your bandwidth and hard drive space syncing. Sign up in less than 60 seconds to use your Crypto rather than wait days to weeks.

No Forks

Can't keep up with all the politics of your favourite coins? No worries. We make sure that your'e on the proper working chains.

All-in-One Wallet
in under 60 seconds!
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Ethereum Classic
Rubies 2
Provable Fair Casinos
at your FingerTips

Instantly connect to Crypto Casinos featuring Dice, Plinko, Roulette and other innovative games. Custom sites always being added to cater to your personal preference. Check the blog often for the latest promotions and contests.

Recent Wagers
Bet ID Player App Kind Wager Player Profit Coin When
5255256 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.27 litebits 0.31 litebits LTC
5255255 vuiltje Bit-Exo Custom 5.63 bits 5.74 bits BTC
5255254 Joele Bit-Exo Custom 1.88 litebits -1.88 litebits LTC
5255253 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.23 litebits -0.23 litebits LTC
5255252 vuiltje Bit-Exo Custom 5.63 bits 5.74 bits BTC
5255251 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.19 litebits -0.19 litebits LTC
5255250 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.15 litebits -0.15 litebits LTC
5255249 Joele Bit-Exo Custom 1.50 litebits -1.50 litebits LTC
5255248 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.11 litebits -0.11 litebits LTC
5255247 vuiltje Bit-Exo Custom 44.93 bits -44.93 bits BTC
5255246 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.13 litebits 0.15 litebits LTC
5255245 Joele Bit-Exo Custom 1.20 litebits -1.20 litebits LTC
5255244 vuiltje Bit-Exo Custom 44.93 bits 45.82 bits BTC
5255243 tripleseven Bit-Exo Custom 0.10 litebits -0.10 litebits LTC
5255242 Joele Bit-Exo Custom 0.96 litebits -0.96 litebits LTC
Instant and Free Peer-To-Peer Transfers
Next Level Security
2FA Features

Proven security measures.

E-mail Confirmation
Skype/Phone Call/Text Message Verification
PGP signature Confirmation
Crypto Address Signature Verification
Other Security Features

Don't get left in the dark.

Lock withdrawal to Address
Set a limit for Deposits into Apps
Lock Sends/Withdrawals
Sign-out if inactive
Crypto Made EASY

Moneypot makes Crypto easy.

With a dedicated Support team standing by to address all your concerns, Moneypot aims to make securing your crypto simple.
We will work with you to setup custom security and allow you to make the use of our wallet and staff.
Detailed Records
Detailed Records

We automatically track your Deposit, Withdrawal, Send, Receive, and Betting Records for easy auditing.

Make notes of your transactions

Label your Deposits and Receives with written memos to easily account for and sort your transactions.

Extensive Log-In History

Manage and view all your active, current, and past sessions. Log-out all sessions but current with one button.