We are aware of the recently discovered CloudFlare bug. Although the impact to our services was non existent, it is recommended that all users change their passwords and app owners regenerate their secret keys.

The world's first
bitcoin gambling wallet

  • Bankroll:    482,764,128 bits
  • Wagered: 86,831,334,162 bits
  • Investor Profit:     -6,237,013 bits
  • Bets:    970,878,704     
1,000,000 bits = 1 BTC

Some casinos that use MoneyPot:

What is MoneyPot?

  • Use our wallet to manage your bitcoin.
  • Make money when our casinos make money.
  • Manage your own risk:
    • Contribute nothing
    • Contribute something
    • Contribute everything
  • View your stake in the bankroll at any time.
  • Divest at any time to secure your gains.
  • We aggressively record all changes to your funds in your unified history ledger.
  • Whether you're claiming a faucet, winning a bet, investing your bits, or sending some coin, these will show up under your history tab.
  • Know exactly what's happening to your money, when, and why.
  • Pay no transaction fee when sending to other MoneyPot users.
  • Pay a 300 bit (0.0003 BTC) transaction fee when sending to an address.
  • Received bitcoin is added to your balance after one confirmation.
  • Attach a memo to each address to remember what you used it for.
  • Enable two-factor authentication if you'd like.
  • Review the time, IP address, and location of every login into your account.
  • See when somebody knows your password but fails at the two-factor authentication stage.
  • Revoke other sessions that are logged into your account.

Casino developers can integrate with the MoneyPot API. We call these "apps".

  • Login with Moneypot on any casino that integrates with our API.
  • Casinos will only get access to the funds you deposit into them.
  • Done with a casino? Then withdraw the money back into your wallet or simply disable the casino.
View approved apps
More apps are in development, so check back soon
  • Provably fair betting means that we give you a hash of the bet outcome before you make the bet to prove that we did not cheat.
  • Any casino that uses our bet API can verify that the bet outcome was determined before the bet was made.
  • Handle all user authentication with a single "Login with MoneyPot" button.
  • Choose your own house edge.
  • Of course, you can use your own server and database if you want.
  • Untitled Dice is an open-source dice script that uses MoneyPot. Check it out!
  • We handle the math, bitcoin interaction, and user authentication for you.
  • Use our dice API or implement a custom game using our low-level bet API.
View API docs
Our docs are a work-in-progress
  • Foster and grow your own community with a chat system.
  • Hook up to our websocket chat API and run your own chatbox.
  • You have the control. Appoint mods, mute trolls.
  • Commission based Profit: Make bitcoin without putting up your own funds.
  • You have access to the global MoneyPot bankroll.
  • The Moneypot API accepts +EV bets only
  • Use our faucet API so that anybody can try your casino for free.
  • Let us focus on preventing faucet abuse so that you don't have to.
  • We want to build the tools that you need. We're always open to feedback.
  • Have a feature that you'd like our API to support? Let us know.