Happy Betting!

The world's first
bitcoin gambling wallet

  • Bankroll:    430,990,042 bits
  • Wagered: 88,760,933,406 bits
  • Investor Profit:    -24,780,722 bits
  • Bets:  1,017,669,809     
1,000,000 bits = 1 BTC

Some casinos that use MoneyPot:

What is MoneyPot?

  • Use our wallet to manage your bitcoin.
  • Make money when our casinos make money.
  • Manage your own risk:
    • Contribute nothing
    • Contribute something
    • Contribute everything
  • View your stake in the bankroll at any time.
  • Divest at any time to secure your gains.
  • We aggressively record all changes to your funds in your unified history ledger.
  • Whether you're claiming a faucet, winning a bet, investing your bits, or sending some coin, these will show up under your history tab.
  • Know exactly what's happening to your money, when, and why.
  • Pay no transaction fee when sending to other MoneyPot users.
  • Pay a 300 bit (0.0003 BTC) transaction fee when sending to an address.
  • Received bitcoin is added to your balance after one confirmation.
  • Attach a memo to each address to remember what you used it for.
  • Enable two-factor authentication if you'd like.
  • Review the time, IP address, and location of every login into your account.
  • See when somebody knows your password but fails at the two-factor authentication stage.
  • Revoke other sessions that are logged into your account.

Casino developers can integrate with the MoneyPot API. We call these "apps".

  • Login with Moneypot on any casino that integrates with our API.
  • Casinos will only get access to the funds you deposit into them.
  • Done with a casino? Then withdraw the money back into your wallet or simply disable the casino.
View approved apps
More apps are in development, so check back soon
  • Provably fair betting means that we give you a hash of the bet outcome before you make the bet to prove that we did not cheat.
  • Any casino that uses our bet API can verify that the bet outcome was determined before the bet was made.
  • Handle all user authentication with a single "Login with MoneyPot" button.
  • Choose your own house edge.
  • Of course, you can use your own server and database if you want.
  • Untitled Dice is an open-source dice script that uses MoneyPot. Check it out!
  • We handle the math, bitcoin interaction, and user authentication for you.
  • Use our dice API or implement a custom game using our low-level bet API.
View API docs
Our docs are a work-in-progress
  • Foster and grow your own community with a chat system.
  • Hook up to our websocket chat API and run your own chatbox.
  • You have the control. Appoint mods, mute trolls.
  • Commission based Profit: Make bitcoin without putting up your own funds.
  • You have access to the global MoneyPot bankroll.
  • The Moneypot API accepts +EV bets only
  • Use our faucet API so that anybody can try your casino for free.
  • Let us focus on preventing faucet abuse so that you don't have to.
  • We want to build the tools that you need. We're always open to feedback.
  • Have a feature that you'd like our API to support? Let us know.